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Pocket launches testing program and a recommendation space

Pocket, the popular mobile application and online service to save web articles with their different multimedia contents – and read them later even without an Internet connection, has announced the launch of its beta channel for users of Android, iOS and its web version which will allow users to Whoever wants to, test their latest features before they are released to the general public.

And the list of new test functions available from now on top it recommendations, a new space within the app and the web version of Pocket that will automatically show some of the most outstanding articles found on the net. Portals of humor, media of technology, curious news sites and renowned global newspapers are part of the sources that Pocket uses for such a selection.

People at Pocket say that recommendations It comes thanks to the treatment of the millions of articles and web contents that people keep daily to read later, making it relatively easy to understand what is considered relevant. Here it is worth highlighting the approach of Pocket and is that millions of people use it to save not only the new but what is really good and useful, as well as to save a space for review in the future.

Once again, it is the first feature, of many more promised, offered within the new beta channel which includes a button for the respective feedback on what was recently added.

More information: Official Pocket Blog