PocketRocket would send us daily pending items to read in Pocket

We may be Pocket users, and therefore, we are saving all those articles that we can not read at the same time waiting for a better opportunity to spend the necessary time. The bad thing is that if we never read those articles that we have pending, when we want to agree, we will have a host of them to face.

To solve this situation, we have PocketRocket with us, a new web tool that will allow us to avoid the accumulation of pending articles to be read simply by sending us daily at the time that we indicate in the email account that we establish. In this way, those articles that PocketRocket send us to our email address, which will be one each day, will be stored in our Pocket accounts.

The idea is that we do not accumulate pending articles to be read through the use of electronic mail, a tool that we use every day and on which we are in the habit of reading all the messages that come to us until we try to zero the messages pending reading.

PocketRocket is a completely free service and all we have to do is link our Pocket account to it and indicate the time and email address so that the articles we have pending for reading will be sent to us.