Pollpigeon, another polling system for Twitter

Pollpigeon, another polling system for Twitter

Twitter has a large ecosystem of third-party applications that help you get more out of it. One type of these applications is surveys, and within these we have Pollpigeon, which I am going to talk about now.

It is a simple survey system in which we will ask a question, no more than 60 characters and later attach an image, and we will make a series of possible answers, with a minimum of two, where in addition, these answers can be images if we want to. .

These surveys will belong to a specific language, and also to a category. In addition, we can invite our followers to participate in our poll, to make it more popular, and receive notifications when a number of votes has been received.

In addition, as all surveys are public, in addition to being able to invite others to participate in them, we can participate in the existing ones on the cover, which are already among the most popular surveys, or if we prefer, we can go to a specific category to participate in the available surveys.

To participate, you only need to identify yourself with your Twitter or Facebook account.