Ponup - A classified ad aggregator / search engine [Entrevista]

Ponup – A classified ad aggregator / search engine [Entrevista]

Ponup is born, a classified ad search engine that aggregates the information from several portals to display content in an organized way.

Santiago Lizardo, one of those responsible, tells me in the form of an interview:

What is ponUp?

ponUp is a specialized classified ad search engine that aggregates hundreds of different sources on the same results page. We have been working on the project for 3 months and the results today are encouraging, not so much in terms of revenue or traffic metrics, but rather in the number of functional and technical milestones achieved.

What can you look for in ponUp?

The project contemplates the search of 3 types of advertisements; the already known formula of cars, houses and jobs.

How is it different from other vertical search engines?

In this phase of the project, what makes the difference is the presence in countries where other search engines have not yet established themselves and the offer of results that is not the same as found in the competition.

Regarding this competition, we are not worried because what we have is a search and indexing system that can be easily transferred to another vertical, we do not rule out in the future opening new verticals based on the results obtained with the first ones.

Who is behind the project?

The project is being developed by Santiago Lizardo and Federico Gascn from Spain, with the collaboration of Pablo Lizardo from Argentina. We seek to expand the team with a professional SEO

How has the project been financed?

The project expenses are being covered by money obtained from FFF, and at the end of this year we will go out to knock on the door of some business angels who want to join the project.