Popfeedback, small questionnaires for visitors to evaluate your website

Popfeedback, small questionnaires for visitors to evaluate your website

PopFeedback it’s a new tool that just appeared, aimed at staff managing websites, in which through a small pop up window located in the lower right corner of any website that incorporates it, get feedback from visitors themselves.

For this, website administrators must create their own accounts, in just a few seconds, which gives them the right to create up to three small questionnaires, unless they update their accounts to the paid version, for $ 9 per month, which Give them the right to unlimited questionnaires with unlimited responses, being able to export their results to Excel format.

Regardless of the type of account you have, when creating any questionnaire for a specific website, a series of steps will be followed, in which You can choose one of the existing questions in the PopFeedback library, in English, or you can choose to create the question, where you can choose the type, the color of the pop up window, among other fields depending on the initial choice, where you can check by preview how the pop up will appear that will appear to visitors once the code offered is incorporated PopFeedback on the website.

All that remains is to look at the results that are coming in in the administration panel, that is, only in premium accounts can they be exported to Excel format, as we have said before.

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