Popplet - organize your ideas graphically

Popplet – organize your ideas graphically

We no longer have the need to be in front of a table with a lot of papers and markers to organize our ideas, especially if we have a device with internet access and we register in Popplet, a simple but great service that allow us to visually order our ideas. Its operation is very simple, since it is a desktop in which we can create as many bubbles as we want or need, in which we will introduce texts, strokes, images (from Flickr, Facebook or from our system) or even videos (from YouTube), and in an advanced way articles from Amazon and maps from Google Maps, and that we can modify their sizes and colors, establishing their ties to each other, according to the ideas that we want to expose. But in addition, we can introduce collaborators to help us manage our ideas, and we can also make our popplets public, which in addition to being accessible by other people through the internet, we can also introduce them in other popplets. Speaking of other popplets, we can have up to 5 popplets per user account, and also, we can export them in jpeg and PDF.