por5pavos - Hire and offer services for 5 euros

por5pavos – Hire and offer services for 5 euros

With a model similar to the already mentioned Myntmarket, for 5 turkeys opens to the market offering a portal for buying and selling services that we can perform for 5 euros.

It is about the adaptation to the Spanish market in particular and the Spanish-speaking market in general of a very widespread current in other countries, especially in the United States, where we first encountered it, which is that of micro-jobs or micro-jobs. -services.

The idea is that a person who has a special ability, knowledge about a specific area or a product or service that can easily and in a very short time be able to adapt or carry out for a client who requests it, put it up for sale for a small fee. amount of money and that, thanks to multiple sales of the same item, can amortize the time it took to do it initially.

Our portal aspires to become the showcase for all these products and to position itself in a market that is already quite full of sites that offer this service, such as the first one entirely in Spanish.

For each purchase made, 1 stays with them to pay for expenses and as a profit, assuming Paypal’s commission within the profit margin to expand that of the user, who receives 4 direct for each sale.About possible fraud, they are clear:

The issue of fraud is something that worried us a lot, so we decided not to reinvent the wheel and rely on the security and prestige that Paypal transmits for all processes that involve the movement of money and bank details of users. Any solution developed by us would increase the profit by saving third-party commissions but at the expense of security, which we were not willing to offer.

He purchasing process it’s pretty straightforward. Once a user finds something that interests him and starts the purchase, he is automatically directed to Paypal to make the payment of the 5 using any of the methods that the platform offers (credit card, bank account, balance of your Paypal account , etc.), leaving this amount in the account for 5 turkeys. At this moment the system triggers an alert to the seller to indicate that they have an order. From that moment until the completion of the work, buyer and seller have the possibility of communicating through the internal messaging system, sending messages and files between them. When the work is finished and the buyer communicates to the platform that he is totally satisfied with the result, they release 4 from the account that go to the seller’s account, a good way to earn extra money on vacation.