Portfoliopen - complete portfolio editor

Portfoliopen – complete portfolio editor

Among all the services for the creation of work portfolios, we can say that Portfoliopen which is one of the most complete, easy and customizable services to consider when creating our own portfolio of work. It allows us to create our own portfolios, under our chosen subdomain, where We can put in all the works that we want to expose, creating for them the different sections that we want them to compose, selecting for them their corresponding categories, and putting all the works in them until the space quota of our free account is exhausted. The default sections are visible although we can deactivate them at any time if we wish. Also, if we are good at handling the stylesheet, we have a CSS editor, although otherwise, we can use the themes that are available. It also allows us to have our own social circle, and also receive comments and ratings from any user about our work, among other options that we can modify. If we want to track visits to our space, we can also add the Google Analytics code. If we do not want ads, if we want to map our domain (it does not include domain), more hosting space or an advanced editor, we must upgrade to the payment options according to our needs.