Outlook Premium

Premium Outlook email accounts will cost $ 3.99 per month

Little by little, more details begin to emerge about the premium version of Outlook that Microsoft is working on. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Outlook Premium will have a series of most interesting features, such as the possibility to create up to five personalized email addresses with our own domain (Microsoft has partnered with GoDaddy to offer the domains.)

Of course, the improvements don't end here, since users of the version premium Outlook users can easily share calendars, contacts and documents among the five accounts. And not only that, since these accounts will be free of advertising. There is no doubt that the version premium Outlook could become an excellent option for all those users who are not satisfied with free @ outlook.com style domains and want to enjoy the additional features already mentioned.

At the moment, Microsoft is testing the operation and acceptance of Outlook Premium with the collaboration of a group of users participating in a free pilot program of one year, so everything seems to indicate that there is still a time for the rest of users can enjoy accounts premium. Still, We have recently been able to find out more details regarding the price of the service: Outlook Premium will cost $ 3.99 per month from the second year (the first is free). Without a doubt, a more than interesting amount for small business owners or freelancers.

At the moment, it is only possible to reserve a place on the waiting list to test the service through the Outlook website.

Source: TNW | Microsoft.