Pressmo - turn your PDFs to interactive flash publications

Pressmo – turn your PDFs to interactive flash publications

Pressmo is an interesting utility that allows us to convert our PDF files to interactive files that allow us to publish them on websites or we can access and interact with them through other media. In other words, it converts our PDF files to Flash files that allows us, through a few simple menus, to interact with the content.

To do this, we basically have to upload our PDF file, taking into account that it does not have any protection since otherwise it will not be able to carry out the conversion, and that it does not exceed 150 MB.

Once the conversion has taken place, we will be notified by email, although from our user panel (we must be registered, whose registration will occur automatically the first time we upload a file, when it asks us for the email address, where give us a password) we can manage both this and other files that we have already converted, where we can access them as a demonstration, and even download them.

Worst? It is that in the free account we can only make very few conversions, and also, we cannot choose other visual styles for our converted documents.