prezi fin del mundo maya

Prezi: Mayas, interesting facts, end of the world and a new functionality

The boys of Prezi also enter the wave of the Mayan predictions and the stir for the supposed end of the world, and gather in a colorful presentation valuable informative details.

Among the topics covered are the Bakton and the Mayan calendar (which we were already talking about in the morning), the theories of the end of the world and their scientific arguments, mysticism and even the astronomy that surrounded this fascinating culture in tasks as important as its architecture.

But well, in addition to showing off their elegant presentation designs, they also show us an important change in the element transformation tool by changing the zebra-style wheel for three simple vertical buttons (increase, decrease, move) more comfortable for those who hardly they know the tool.

They also change the way to rotate the elements making it similar to the tool present in Microsoft Office: a circular arrow that appears when you move the cursor to a corner of the element. The rest are options to manipulate the frames in a more controlled way.

For more information and help on changing the transformation tool, you can visit the page arranged in the Prezi Manual.