prisync, a solution to compare the prices of your online store with those of the competition

From we are presented with a platform specially designed for those responsible for online stores, a solution that helps to monitor product prices in various stores around the world, thus helping us to know if we are within the appropriate margins.

We can, from your control panel, see the offers of other companies, the variation in prices in each store, our position in the market … all thanks to a system that tracks the information for each product that we indicate.

Prisync is free for those who monitor up to 100 products, and has a monthly price proportional to the number of items you want to control after that amount.

On its main page it is possible to access an example control panel, being necessary to inform an email previously (it is not necessary to confirm it, after indicating the email it points directly to the panel). Here we leave a section of it:

They also have a demonstration video from which it is possible to verify that they also carry out product stock control, something extremely useful to be able to highlight our products when they are not available on other portals.

They tell us that they work with various markets throughout the planet, including Spain, although the platform is not translated in our language.

Here we leave you with your video: