Protonmail is renewed and OpenSource is made

The secure email client, Protonmail, presents us with two great news: they launch their version 2.0 and open their code to the world.

The appearance has not changed much in this new version, but the code is completely new, in fact the platform is 10 times faster than in the previous version (still available in

They have redesigned the login, the email creation window, the configuration page and the message view. They also allow dragging and dropping emails from the entry box to the classification labels or directories, we can create a custom HTML signature, quickly manage contacts, encrypt attachments for users who do not use ProtonMail, see the logs with the identification attempts and much more.

The creators, who have worked at CERN, believe in open source software and the support the community can offer. This new version can be seen on github, under the MIT license, and allows developers from around the world to collaborate in its development.

They have also launched a bug bounty program, specified in detail on this page.

Now they are working on the iOS and Android apps, and for this they will have a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Next week they will give more information on how to sign up for the betas of these applications.