Pushbullet debuts end-to-end encryption

Pushbullet does not escape the growing interest in protecting the privacy of user data on the Internet, which is why today it has announced the launch of support for end-to-end encryption, thus fulfilling one of the most common requests by the users.

End-to-end encryption is available for mirror notification, universal copy and paste functions, and for SMS. With this, the data that is sent from one device to another will no longer be visible to Pushbullet servers, so it will be encrypted on the initial device and decrypted on the target device.

According to the company announcement, end-to-end encryption settings are easy for users themselves, where they just have to choose a password and enter it manually on each device that uses Pushbullet. Using the selected password, Pushbullet generate a key for data encryption. The encryption system used is AES-365 with GMC authentication and the encryption key will be obtained based on the password, which will not be stored, by using PBKDF2.

Starting today, end-to-end encryption is available through updates made in mobile app for Android platform, in desktop app for Windows, as well as for Chrome extension, while support For iOS it will come in a future update of your application and on Mac it will come as soon as possible to Pushbullet. End-to-end encryption support is coming soon for Firefox, Safari, and Opera, the company says in a statement.

With this, Pushbullet s further protects user data by maintaining the usual functions to which they are already accustomed.