Puush me - share screenshots and files easily

Puush me – share screenshots and files easily

There are times when we are forced toShare screenshots or even small files with our network of friends for different purposes, more than enough reason to at least try Puush.me. Puush.me combines a desktop application, available for Windows and Mac systems, with the online application. With the desktop application we have a series of keyboard shortcuts that will allow us to take screenshots, as we need, in addition to uploading files that, once we have it online, we will obtain a short URL that we can share on other media such as social networks, sms messages, email messages, etc. Obviously we will need a user account in Puush.me, which we can do both from the web and from the application, and that depending on the plan we have, the free version or the paid version, we will obtain a storage space and a maximum size limit allowed per file, being in its free version 200 mb of space and 20mb of maximum size allowed per file. In addition, from the web we can see the uploaded files, being able to pass the public files to private and vice versa. Update– The software has been hacked and the latest version of windows includes malware. It is recommended not to install until further notice. More information at @hpuushme