Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK Now Available

Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK Now Available

Qualcomm has announced its Augmented Reality Software Development KIT (SDK) for smartphones Android.

Available through Qualcomm’s online network for developers, ADevNet, the SDK will enable a new generation of applications that provide interactive 3D experiences on everyday objects, such as 3D games on boards, interactive media, and even packaging, and packaging. promotional items.

By offering the Augmented Reality SDK free of charge, we are encouraging all developers to build innovative applications and services today.

Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality platform, which includes the SDK, uses computer vision technology to precisely align graphics with objects on a lower layer.

The approach used is an evolution of current Augmented Reality techniques that use GPS and the telephone compass for geolocation-based applications. Vision-based Augmented Reality allows for a completely different user experience, in which graphics appear as if they are actually part of real-world objects.

The Qualcomm SDK provides developers with a set of advanced features, which makes it possible to obtain everyday images on flat surfaces such as print media, as well as on simple three-dimensional objects such as product boxes. In addition, it allows users to interact with Augmented Reality applications simply by approaching real-world surfaces.

The beta of the Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK is now available and can be downloaded from developer.qualcomm.com/ar