Quextit.com, questions and answers for a user profile

Quextit.com, questions and answers for a user profile

And as has been happening lately, we find a new question and answer service. The service that concerns us now is called Quextit and the truth is, it incorporates its differences. And it is that it has its why.

What differs from Quextit compared to any other question and answer service is that users can define the type of users who can answer their questions, to give more validity to the answers. Therefore, when a user registers, necessary to participate, they must fill out a questionnaire about their personal profile, and on which other users can generate their contact circle or block it as in any other social network.

In this way, when a user asks a question, in which they can choose one of the three types of answers, define the target, or more colloquially, the type of user profile that can answer said question. In this way, users who meet this profile will be able to see the question in order to answer it. In addition, users, due to their activity, may accumulate points called QREDITS.

Indicate that each question has its own URL but as we have commented before, only those users who meet the established profile of the questioner can answer them.

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