Quora, the efficiency of quality

Quora, the efficiency of quality

After the emergence of social networks and when we already thought that innovation in the online business world had reached its high point, Quora came to us.

According to some social media experts, Quora has established itself as the best social platform in history. Without the intention of doing demagogy and after having verified the operation of the new social network, we can confirm that Quora is really, a different platform. To start access to Quora is select, to access it is necessary to have an invitation from a member. Quora is a social network that is based on questions and answers and that was launched at the beginning of 2010. It was thanks to Twitter that the popularity of Quora rose specifically during the month of January. It is not Facebook and it is not Twitter and it is certainly not like the Yahoo Answers service, on Quora the content is formed thanks to the questions and answers that are obtained. Additionally, depending on the profile of the users who participate in the elaboration of responses, social prestige is achieved, which undoubtedly highlights a determining aspect of online business; the reputation.

Quora versus the rest

If we analyze the new question and answer social network comparatively with Tuenti We will realize that the main difference lies in the recognition of the identity of the participants. Yahoo!, the indexing between the questions and the answers is much more efficient and understandable, this is an aspect that, however, is of concern depending on the different answers that users have established in response to the question Quora vs. Yahoo Answers.

Users stand out the quality of the information, the architecture and structure of the site allows easy access to the different answers, however, they feel concerned about duplicate topics, although they consider that the social network is about to solve this obstacle. Comparatively with Facebook, the contents are retrieved more easily and intuitively for their intended purpose; creation of new areas of interest shaped by the interests of users. It is one of the main complements of Twitter, due to your search engine. And in relation to Google, it is precisely the organization of the questions and answers that is filtered in the search algorithm. Quora is a social network indispensable for professionals in training, communication and education. The only disadvantage of the social network is that It is only in English, although it has already been reported that, during the second quarter of 2011 will also be presented in Spanish.

Quora main benefits

After analyzing the differences and complements that Quora has compared to other social networks, we entered into the evaluation of its strengths and the different opportunities it offers especially for brands.‚Äď Tracing: The following on Quora is about topics, names, conversations, not only people or companies are followed. Seeker– Optimized through a very efficient auto completion that suggests topics as well as saving conversations. Dynamic: The themes are alive and in real time, in addition to generating various levels of information and it has a system that prevents duplicate content, undoubtedly a great advantage that can be very well applied by SEO consultants for the development of their campaigns. positioning.

And for companies

Quora is designed for professionals, professionals with a reputation, with commitment, with a specific opinion and based on experience, which is why the specific weight of Quora in the business world is expected to be very powerful. experience and reputation as well as what users think of the brand therefore, Quora can be a great ally of branding campaigns as well as an optimal CRM, due to the acceptance of suggestions and complaints.

Questions and answers about Travel agencies, an opportunity to make yourself known Quora is also an efficient platform in the field of competition study, it offers extensive information on the business models implemented by other companies and their added value within the segment they are targeting. Quora is consolidated as the social network for entrepreneurship and business. The media is very attentive to the brands that interact on QuoraTherefore, it is also a very useful tool for Content Writers who can feed on trends and topics of interest – a great complement for SEO Consultants to whom a new window to identify interests and needs is opened. Twitter and Facebook have achieved a communication limited to 140 characters; Quora, however, allows more extensive dialogue and communication as it seeks, primarily, the depth of new opinions based on experience and training. Like Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social networks currently operating, the spread of the spider web is also an efficient reality on Quora that allows you to meet new people and join your network. The promotion of professional relationships is another aspect to take into account, Quora allows the sending of links in order to promote a Web portal, provided that it is useful for the growth of the topic and of interest to those who are shaping this new focus of opinion. , Quora allows the implementation of efficient marketing strategies that help the consolidation of reputation.


Finally, note that Quora is not only a social and / or professional network, Quora is a unlimited knowledge and skills acquisition center, this is not a minor issue since it is from constant training and permanent specialization that the necessary attitude and efficient reputation are achieved that will allow the start-up of a new company, so the ability of Quora to train on all kinds of topics through conversations made up of user opinions, make this social network a neuralgic point of learning and permanent connectivity.Quora began to make an appearance in 2010, they are ready to expand its benefits to the world of Spanish-speaking users is beginning to be a universe in which it is worth being and being part of where we have the constant opportunity to learn and transmit knowledge.

Written by Carolina Velasco, SEO consultant.

Quora by Carolina Velasco: www.quora.com/Carolina-Velasco-VazquezQuora by Juan Diego Polo: www.quora.com/Juan-Diego-Polo