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RankBrain, the artificial intelligence system that Google uses in its search engine

More than 15% of the searches made daily in Google are new, Google had never seen them before. To be able to deal with them, Google needs to understand exactly what you are asking, and it is often not so simple, since there are words and sentences that can be understood in more than one way (the terrible world of ambiguity).

Today, at, they have shown what Google does to work on this matter, and Artificial Intelligence is, once, essential.

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Over the past few months, millions of queries per second have been interpreted by an artificial intelligence system called RankBrain, according to one of Google's responsible engineers. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to transform large amounts of written language into mathematical entities (vectors), and if it finds an unknown word or phrase, the computer tries to interpret it with words or phrases that could have a similar meaning, filtering the result accordingly.

Google invests heavily in smart systems capable of constant learning, and facing ambiguous questions is a good exercise. Currently RankBrain is one of the most important variables when it comes to obtaining results from the Google database, the third, as indicated in the article, making it clear that the classic pagerank loses positions to make way for much more systems Logical and intelligent.

It is not the only company that uses Artificial Intelligence to return search results, Facebook also does, but when it is Google that uses something like that, we are all affected.