Razer Confirms Ouya Acquisition: Keeps Only Its Software Assets

We already told you in the middle of last month that Razer had acquired the Ouya game console, whose agreement was closed on June 12. Now, through official confirmation, Razer notes that the acquisition has gone to Ouya's software assets, including its content catalog and sales platform.

The financial details, according to the confirmation, have not been disclosed, although I know that the technical team and the staff of relations with the developers will be part of Razer. From now on, Razer will prepare Ouya's assets and content to become part of its company's products.

Through the statement, Razer addresses Ouya console users indicating that they will receive a way to migrate to the Forge TV micro-console and the Serval remote. With this, these users will take from their user accounts to their games to the Cortex TV platform on the Forge micro-console, advancing them in the experience for Android games on television that they have previously enjoyed. Along the same lines, Razer will also offer them discounts on products from their company, as well as a series of gifts, raffles and other promotions. It should be noted that Cortex for Android TV will be the name that will have the relaunch of the Ouya online store, part of the assets acquired by Razer, serving as a platform to acquire games for Razer Forge TV as well as other types of content.

Razer aims, after all, to improve and expand its online platform and the content available for its products, showing no interest in the hardware of the Ouya consoles, so that it has an uncertain future before it.