Rdio already allows listening to local and national radio stations in the US

From now on, Rdio users residing in the United States will be able to use the streaming music platform to listen to traditional live radio stations, as the company has announced in a post published on its official blog.

One of the peculiarities that has most caught our attention about this new function is that be completely free for all Rdio users, regardless of whether they are paid subscribers or not. Each and every radio station that users residing in the United States can listen to has been announced on the official Rdio blog. we find around 500 local and national stations owned by Cumulus Media, a radio company associated with the streaming music platform. Undoubtedly, offering the possibility of listening to traditional radio stations is a point in favor for which Rdio can stand out against other alternatives of the popularity of Spotify or Apple Music. If we focus on some of the most striking features of Rdio, we could highlight that the platform will allow us to know at all times what song is playing on the station we are listening to, being able to mark a song as a favorite, share it or start a personalized station based on that song. Finally, we take the opportunity to highlight that Rdio will also recommend similar radio stations.

From the company they have expressed their interest in adding new stations in the coming months, as well as the idea of ​​expanding this new function outside the United States. Next, we leave you with the video presentation of the new feature:

Source: Rdio.