- Create an infographic with your professional profile – Create an infographic with your professional profile

There are ways and means of presenting things. In the case of the professional profile, there are more striking and elegant shapes, and less striking and sober shapes. Within the first case we are going to place, an application that allows us to create a simple page where we can show our professional profile in a different way. allows us to generate our personalized URL where we will have a single page in which to show our personal bio, our work experiences through a horizontal interactive timeline, and our studies. And how do we add all that information? Making use of Linkedin, which is the first step we have to take, connect with said service. If we do not have an account on Linkedin or we want to expand the data by adding new things, we can do it manually from our administration panel. Finally we will configure the look of our page, where we have a series of visual themes although we can contribute new personal funds to give a differential touch with respect to that of other people, generating an infographic with our entire professional life. Therefore, we are facing a service that allows us to give more visibility in an elegant way to our professional profile.