Recent and interesting extensions for Firefox and Chrome

It is always interesting to browse between the new extensions, both in the recent list in Firefox and in Chrome. Here you have some of them that may be useful in your day to day.

For firefox

– FlashResizer: It allows us to change the size of Flash animations, being practical for those who are used to playing on portals with this type of content. – Who stole my pictures ?: To find websites that are using our photos without permission. It uses well-known services such as tinyeye or GazoPa.‚Äď DownloadthemAll: It allows downloading the content of all the links and images on the same page, at the same time. The new version is only 3 days old.

For Firefox and Chrome

– tabble.it: It allows us to quickly find profiles of people in different social networks, showing the icons in a new tab on the side of our browser.

For chrome

– QR generator: To generate a QR code quickly and conveniently. – Google URL Shortener: To shorten urls with goo.gl. Now that they have released their API, it is much easier. – Facebook Photo Zoom: This is not that new (it is a month old), but it is ideal for viewing the photos of Facebook albums using automatic zoom.