Reinvention as a necessity: # reinv2010

Reinvention as a necessity: # reinv2010

Hand in hand with the great Alejandro Piscitelli, Reinvntate 2.0, a collective building and learning experience in which non-students have the possibility of generating projects for the reinvention of their own personal and professional lives.

The need for reinvention arises from the very fact of being part of a global dynamic in which we go from being mere consumers to actively producing content on a daily basis, which entails a resizing of each of the professions, and even the birth of others until now. unthinkable tasks; and therefore, the need to reinvent our own actions.

The managers of Reinvntate 2.0 conceive it as a learning and transformation experience that promises to immerse ourselves in social networks, be part of them, connect and get closer to finding our new place in this new world.

Reinvntate 2.0 has a support team made up of Giselle Bordoy, Ignacio Uman, Anaclara Dalla Valle, Ariana Atala, Lucas Esteban Delgado, Agostina Riganti and Luz Pearson; those who are in charge of mediating between the different learning and reinvention experiences proposed, and the non-students who have assumed the immense challenge of reinventing themselves in order to contribute to the reinvention of their entire environment.

As part of the Reinvntate 2.0 journey, tools such as twitter play a fundamental role, in addition to the interaction that occurs in Moodle, however, synchronous activities with guests such as Alejando Piscitelli, Dolors Reig, Julin Gallo, and others stand out for their quality. Heloisa Primavera, Diego Leal and Pablo Mancini. Likewise, the following paths to follow are proposed:

– Glances about the new world. The impact of technological innovation, metamorphosis of the consumer into a prosumer.‚Äď Coherence in the chaos of abundance. Design of personal learning / work environments (PLE). Continuous learning. Cognitive diet.‚Äď From third to first person. Recipients, clients, students, the public, audiences who have become creators. New world professionals. Cases: journalists, publicists, teachers, teachers, politicians, publishers, reinvented entrepreneurs. New theories.‚Äď Online personality. Digital identity. Multimedia information.‚Äď Creativity. All creative work is derivative. Stacked innovation: mash-up, rip / mix / burn. Critical design.‚Äď Social networks. New ways of being together. Creative surplus. Collaborative learning, sharing, transparency, collective intelligence.

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