ReputationXL - To know what they say about your brand on the Internet

ReputationXL – To know what they say about your brand on the Internet is a new service that allows us to receive alerts every time something or someone is commented on the Internet.

We can create and configure alerts informing names, products, companies, services or even web addresses, specifying whether the search engine should be restricted to results in Spanish or not. Search among the information published in blogs, websites, magazines, press, forums or social networks by sending the results by email.

With the intention of being a leader in this category, they have posted an email address where we can make suggestions. In [email protected] we can send any type of advice that can help its creators to grow and become a reference on the subject.

These types of services are increasingly important to understand the effect that our marketing campaigns have on the web. Comments on twitter, opinions on Facebook, analysis on blogs … you never know where a wave of positive or negative opinions can begin, so it is always better to detect them as quickly as possible to act in a conscious way.

Created by, offering statistics with the number of times the searched string appears on the web and with the possibility of exporting the results in excel, I can only think of one improvement, very easy to implement and very useful for most of us. : possibility of reading the references in our feed reader to have our online reputation under control.