Imagen: Don McCullough de Flickr.

Researchers work on the development of drone traffic management software

Image: Don McCullough from Flickr.

Over the last few years, the private and professional use of drones has increased significantly. Taking into account that its use will continue to grow, the need arises to control the air traffic of this type of vehicle. So today we are talking about the software that a group of researchers from the University of Nevada is working on.

The group of researchers we are talking about is developing software that allow unmanned aerial vehicles to be aware of any other drones located in close proximity, so that they can move safely through the air space. Specifically, the University of Nevada is just one of several organizations participating in NASA's program known as Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management. This project aims to establish a rigorous air traffic management system with the idea of secure use of the airspace below 152 meters, where drones, helicopters, gliders, etc. often fly. Over the next few months, the software that we are talking about will begin to be tested, which will connect unmanned aerial vehicles with NASA's air traffic management system. The tests will be carried out under the supervision of NASA.

Source: University of Nevada