Resources for fans of stereograms

Resources for fans of stereograms

Some years ago the stereograms, abstract figures that hid a three-dimensional image. Finding it required some practice, focusing your eyes on the right point in space. Although you don’t see as many books on this topic anymore, it continues to be a good hobby for children ages 0-99. The web also stores several resources that allow us to recover this old tradition. Here I leave you with some of them.

We can create a stereogram in a few minutes, choosing the desired pattern and shape, being possible to customize it with our own files. Of course we can also limit ourselves to browsing between the different stereograms already created, having more than 800 in their database. Those responsible are the creators of, a tool for creating fractals.

EyeTricks, a website specialized in optical illusions, has an entire category dedicated to displaying stereograms, with tricks for those who cannot see them.

Application that allows us to draw freehand and create a stereogram hiding our work of art. Very easy to use, although the results depend on our skill with drawing.

Company responsible for books with examples and two applications with stereograms created for iPad / iPhone