Resources related to Internet safety

With so much medium that brings us closer to each other and that puts our children within the reach of anyone, there are a number of places on the Internet that will help us and protect us with our doubts, problems, etc:

Cyberbulling: online harassment is something very serious, in this link we will find resources and opportunities to debate, ask questions, clarify ideas, share experiences and concerns.

Conectsafely: A leader on the web for American parents, teens, educators and anyone interested in youth safety on the Internet. With a very interesting forum to visit, it also offers us recommendations, the latest news and a thousand resources to help us navigate safely.

Online Alert: Federal Government Commission Portal: practical recommendations provided by the federal government and the technology industry to help us protect against Internet fraud and keep our computers safe.

GetNetWise – is a public service for the Internet industry and public interest organizations. Their sole purpose is to help all Internet users to have safe, constructive, and educational experiences.

Missing & Exploited children and missingkids.com: the name tells us everything, the portal of the American National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which, through interactive activities, aims to teach all our children to navigate safely.

Wired Safety: we will find direct help with online conversations for cases of cyberbulling, cyberbullying, and any other case of intrusion to privacy on the Internet. Composed of volunteers from around the world who work for free to keep the Internet safe.

Microsoft Online Safety: Microsoft portal dedicated to family and personal safety on the Internet.