Resu me - professional social network with cool features

Resu me – professional social network with cool features

Summarizes is a new professional social network to take into account, because it offers a series of interesting functions that adapt to our professional profile, in a well-structured and easy-to-use interface. It is enough to create our account, in which we will choose the subdomain that we want to give visibility to our professional life. gives us complete freedom when creating our curriculum, in which we can add and remove sections as we want, having a simple editor wysiwyg to edit the contents of each section, and that we can also obtain a version of it in PDF. We can generate our portfolio of work, we have a feed reader which allows us basic interactions on the posts of each feed, a stream where we can publish what we are working on, have a network of contacts, access to job offers appropriate to our professional profile obtained from different job portals, and access to our shares. We can be followers of other users and be followed independently, we have traffic statistics from our web space, we also have internal messages, and if we have a LinkedIN account, we can import our profile to The downside is that job offers are focused only on the United States, and it does not have event management, something that its competitors, such as Xing or LinkedIN, do. Goes: Recruiting