Rinspeed presents a concept car with a garden inside

Presenting a concept of a car is relatively simple, you just have to put your imagination, understand what technology can or will do in the coming years, and know the trends to attract the attention of the consumer.

Putting these variables together, at Rinspeed they have presented their oasis car, a concept that differs from the rest in something quite unusual: it has a garden inside.

In order to attract attention within an increasingly ecologically correct sector, they want to incorporate in the front a mini-garden that can be kept virtually alone, visible with transparent panels from the inside to give a feeling of freedom and cleanliness that other cars do not offer. .

It would not be a traditional car and it was a vehicle created to be shared with other people, and for this they also presented an application with which the driver would choose the passenger as if he were a couple in tinder: he would go from profile to profile until accepting the most suitable or the one that more confidence conveyed.

Oasis has no planned launch date, it is just an example of what is in mind of its manufacturers, one of the cars that we could see at CES, along with the electrics of other large companies that were present there.

You can see other concepts in this article from businessinsider.com.