RockMelt - A new web browser integrated into the social web

RockMelt – A new web browser integrated into the social web

Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, browsers not so well known and very useful for browsing multimedia content… the world of web browsers is exciting, a war of compatibility, speed, resources and extensions that never ceases to amaze us constantly. Now a new protagonist appears, based on Chromium, wanting part of the cheese: RockMelt.

Designed mainly for those who live in Facebook, RockMelt includes several functions integrated with said social network, as you can see in the image below.

It has just launched its closed beta version for Windows and Mac (the invitation is requested from Facebook, of course), which allows us to access the system and see how they have thought of a new way of browsing the web. In a left panel we always have the profiles of our friends on the net, with the option to quickly share any page (with its shortener that we are visiting and establish a chat at any time.

In a right panel we can see alerts for new content RSS or new texts from our contacts from Twitter, although the main role continues to be that of Facebook.

I leave you with the presentation video:

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