Roku already allows us to see on the TV the photos and videos of our Dropbox

If we have a lot of photos and videos in our Dropbox account, and we want to see them on TV, now we have a new option: Roku.

They say they've just released the official Dropbox app for Roku, available at From it we can navigate through the content of our account, seeing the thumbnails of the images or performing searches to quickly find what we want to see.

The movement, which can be interesting for those who have entire movies stored in their Dropbox and want to watch them on TV without depending on platforms such as Plex, is not intended to transform TV into a video store, since the limit of playback of each video It is about 15 minutes, as commented in TC.

This limit is not included in the specifications of the app, but it is clear that it has been determined to prevent both Dropbox and Roku from being used to increase piracy in homes.

At the moment Roku is still concentrated in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom markets and it seems that their streaming devices will take time to cross borders, so for the moment the news does not affect the market outside those regions.