Roound - another option to create our vCard

Roound – another option to create our vCard

Roound is another option that allow us to show our identity online for those who are interested in us, that is, allows us to generate a virtual electronic card where a series of data about us will appears, among them, the links to our profiles in those social networks that we are and want to show. Its operation is very simple, since we can choose to identify ourselves through Facebook, with which we will save on entering a series of basic data, or in a traditional way. Among the data that we can incorporate, there are the links to our social profiles, which we can enter manually although the most recommended option is based on a search indicating our identifier, with which we will obtain a list of links to our profiles, where we will select those that we want to introduce. Once we have finished entering our data, we only have to customize the appearance of our mobile web page by choosing its background color and we will finally receive our data, such as the URL, our QR code, and even some codes to give more visibility. to our profile on our web pages.