Runtastic 6.0 brings running rankings to compete with friends

Runstastic, the popular application for monitoring physical activity, including running sessions with a voice assistant as a guide, brings to its apps for iOS and Android in its sixth version, a set of new features, among which is a very important and already available in its web version: Running Leaderboards.

It is now possible to challenge Facebook friends, Google+ and any other contact in Runtastic from your mobile application as it will be displayed in the form of weekly and monthly rankings The positions and results of each, for example, to quickly know who in the group reached the greatest distance.

The people of Runtastic emphasize that the main thing to participate in competitions is not just going out to run with others but against others in a healthy way-, an enormous motivation that in addition to keeping us focused on the exercise goals entertains us and encourages us to give even more ms.

Other add-ons available in Runstastic 6.0 mention the incorporation of a new voice coach with real voices and a new Story run call The Tetradome Run III. The renewed apps are already in the Play Store and the App Store.

Links: Runtastic for iOS – for Android | Goes: Android Police

By the way, there is no need for an invitation to review the other Runtastic applications for monitoring specific exercises (squats, toned buttocks, push-ups, etc.) which we recommend in this other article.