, sharing our screen without plugins, without Java and without external programs

Here we have a new option designed to make it easy to share our browser screen without installing extensions or running Java applets on our machine.

It is the, a web application that has begun to distribute the invitations among the users who requested it on its main page (you can report your email on that page), to show how it is easy to share what we are seeing on our chrome with others.

It does this thanks to the screenshot support in getUserMedia (), available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, a chrome function that we can activate from the url chrome: // flags and that allows web pages to request access to screen content using the getUserMedia () API.

At the moment it is a product still in beta, although it shows that remote access to the screen of other users can be extremely easy thanks to the new functionalities of Chrome (at the moment it is not available for other browsers).

A few weeks ago we told you about Talky, a similar solution that does not need the installation of any external program, so it seems that the trend is to have increasingly independent browsers, with more functions that allow more advanced users to do everything type of tasks.