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Samsung designs a 150MP image sensor 1 ″ in size for mobile phones

The photographic performance in smart mobile phones will increase, logically. But what perhaps nobody was going to imagine is that the advances in the development of image sensors for smart mobile phones were going to reach such a point of being able to surpass that of many digital cameras.

In fact, the common people no longer use, with exceptions, compact cameras, since they prefer to make use of their mobile devices, since these devices offer them a variety of possibilities, and in continuous growth.

The megapixel war grows on mobile

In this regard, it has just been learned that Samsung is developing an image sensor for 150MP mobile devices, although if this is not surprising, perhaps it should be surprising that this sensor would be 1 ″ in size, according to Gizchina.

At this point, it should be noted that some advanced compact cameras, such as the Sony RX100, have a 1 ″ sensor. Samsung's new sensor will also feature Samsung Nonacell technology, combining 9 pixels in one to deliver highly detailed 16MP images.

According to rumors, Xiaomi is expected to be the first manufacturer to launch a phone model with this sensor throughout the fourth quarter of this year, although, in addition, the manufacturers OPPO and VIVO also hope to have their respective models with this sensor. throughout the first quarter of next year.

And long teeth already put, from Qualcomm they prepare to also have a 200 MP sensor. The megapixel war has leapt from digital cameras to smart phones to continue in this segment. To this we must add that this year we will see many models that already have four photographic cameras, when until not long ago a single sensor was enough for us.

In another order of things, without leaving Samsung, the company has pointed out that it has started to mass produce the first 512 GB eUFS 3.1 memory for use in high-end smart mobile phones.

For Samsung:

With a write speed three times faster than the previous 512GB eUFS 3.0 mobile memory, Samsung's new eUFS 3.1 breaks the 1GB / s performance threshold for smart phone storage.