Samsung launches a wireless charger that kills germs from your mobile with UV

Samsung has presented a new gadget with an interesting feature to help users keep their cell phones free of bacteria and germs.

This charger has a UV light sterilizer to sterilize mobile devices and kill up to 99% of bacteria in about 10 minutes. And all this while the user regularly charges his mobile.

As seen in the image, this process of loading and sterilizing the device occurs in a box (22.8 x 12.8 x 4.9 cm) with a charging base and magnetic cover. It has an LED indicator, off mode and other options for the user to control according to their needs.

While the mobile can be connected everything you need to charge, the UV process only takes about 10 minutes and eliminates all the germs and bacteria that can carry both sides of the device.

A dynamic that seems to be designed for different types of devices and gadgets, since Samsung mentions that it can also be implemented with other brand products, such as the Galaxy Bud. Of course, the process will not have the same result in each of them.

So it will be an investment to keep some gadgets germ-free. Or at least for users in Thailand, which seems to be the only market with this offer from Samsung. So do not look for it in the local Samsung store because it is not available in our latitudes. In the promotion image you can see that it is about 1590 THB, which would be about 50 dollars or 45 euros in exchange.