SchoolTools - free software for managing schools

SchoolTools – free software for managing schools

SchoolTools is a project focused on providing a number of administrative resources for schools or small educational groups that need to carry out a systematic administration where they register the personal data of their students, reserve courses, control attendance to classes, note tables for teachers in online, customizable demographic information, calendars for the school, groups and individuals, reports, generate the student notebook and other aspects of a suite room to run a school. With this type of application, teachers automate their different educational processes, allowing them to organize their data in a standard structure with the rest of their colleagues at the institution, obtaining possible statistics on the results of the courses. Institutions that do not have an automated computer system for budget reasons or other reasons can evaluate this resource to better safeguard their information and centralize their educational operations. For everyone who uses Ubuntu GNU / Linux on their laptop, personal or web server you can easily install and use SchoolTool as your note box and online attendance diary. 100% open source software written in Python using the Zope 3 framework under a GNU license. The website has the necessary documentation to understand each part of this tool where you can learn about the vision that originated this application, its inspiration and ideals and other various information items, without neglecting its fundamental information to install the project. how to configure the various options, and make the best use of it. Finally, you will find a review of some prestigious institutions that already use this application, thus demonstrating the robustness of the application, the advantages of using it and at the same time knowing what options it does not have.