Scrapbooking sites to decorate your memories

Scrapbooking sites to decorate your memories

Scrapbooking or scrapbooking consists of several creative processes such as cutting, gluing or collage in order to create a composition of memories and memories through photographs.

Starting from simple photographs, memories are revalued with decorations of all kinds (stickers, buttons, ribbons, special papers, dried flowers, rivets, threads) and various styles, from the most sophisticated to the simplest, depending on personal taste.

Source: Wikipedia

And to carry out this technique that is gaining more followers every day, we find several interesting resources on the Internet:

We have tutorials and resources to learn this technique.


Hundreds of free kits to make what you’ve learned with Cottage come true.

More focused on templates for Photoshop, templates, only designed to provide you with the basics to begin to carry out what your creativity gives of itself. Each month they offer new free resources, as well as permanent links to help sites and / or downloads.

Another place with so many templates to recreate your ideas, that you won’t be able to do all of them!


It is the tool that a server has tested: dividing their resources by categories and kits that are updated daily, through their website, we can update the resources that they offer us for free; Any Smilebox user can facilitate its creation to the rest of the community, thus making the templates, ideas and packages in general endless and fresh every day.