Search engines for kids

Search engines for kids

Leaving a little of the old Google, here we leave you with a list of search engines created for children.


With a totally childish image, the search filters inappropriate websites, previously programmed words, and tries to carry out searches as safe as possible.

Ask Kids

From the Ask search engine, with a design that appears to be a notebook, in addition to the search box, we find 5 categories; with results similar to those that we adults find in this search engine but trying to make it something easier for children.


It is not a search engine itself, but rather a directory of resources where we find more than 600 words in lists and that make it easier for children to search. Made and maintained daily by the SLIS (School of Library and Information Science at Ken State University. The web is perfectly structured and free of ads.

Kids Yahoo

It is, as its name suggests, the exclusive Yahoo search engine for kids. With a lot of color on its home page, it offers many alternatives to keep them distracted, so much so that the search box in the upper right can go unnoticed.

Study Search

A search engine focused on searches to solve primary and secondary school questions. When we enter and see: for Australian students, let’s not be scared since the result of it is throughout the network and those responsible, how could it be less, are also Australian teachers, librarians and volunteers from the sector.


A very complete search engine that gives you the option of obtaining the results in images or in text. In images, we preview a window of the resulting webs. Perhaps the searches are limited because its engine is focused on searching only and exclusively children’s websites.

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly too

The name brings them to you, but the search engine is the best without a doubt; again from the gentlemen of Google; Its structure tries to be 100% friendly for children, in addition, we found a directory to facilitate the work of the kids and the usual search box.