fallo de seguridad de twitter app en android

Security flaw exposed direct messages from the Twitter app for Android

When it comes to social networks, they do not always offer us a completely secure environment that keeps us safe from any cyber attack. This is due to the fact that every so often a new vulnerability is discovered that endangers the privacy of users.

In this sense, Twitter recently recognized the presence of a security flaw in the version of this app for Android that may or may not have been exploited by an attacker through a malicious application to access the user’s private data such as direct messages.

Fortunately, the situation could be resolved, reaching the conclusion that its origin corresponded to an implicit security problem in the Android operating system that only affects versions 8 and 9 of it.

According to Twitter, an average of 96% of Twitter users on Android already have a security patch to fix this vulnerability.

On the other hand, the company indicated that, despite the risk that users ran with this security flaw, they found no evidence that it was exploited by cybercriminals, although it is not something of which it is completely sure

In an attempt to ensure the safety of vulnerable users, Twitter took on the task of updating its Android application in order to prevent an external application from accessing the data generated in-app.

Added to this, Twitter sent notifications to these users asking them to update the app to its latest version.