Segmentation and social presence, the keys to an efficient employment portal

Segmentation and social presence, the keys to an efficient employment portal

A complex reflection, complete and certainly very booming at a time like the present, the high rates of structural unemployment registered in the economies most affected by the global crisis place it as the new virus, the new pandemic, the new demographic controller of societies whose schemes disintegrate. Employment is a headache for governments, financial systems, health systems, education, tourism, the real estate market and thus a long and endless etc that lead us to analyze what we could call the new job. Disguised as a new productive model and certainly acting in a mixed way, today we are going through a scenario in which everything is an exchange of needs and interests and all this online.

Infojobs and LinkedIn, examples of the maturing of the online job search

If we approach the job search from the Internet we immediately imagine the logo of consolidated brands such as Infojobs, where the wide offer and the accuracy of your data have established this as one of the most efficient global job seekers. We also have LinkedIn, a showcase for professionals where horizontal relationships are established that allow brands to access professionals and they have direct contact with people with difficult access.A whole world of possibilities, there is no doubt that both job portals have consolidated their efficiency and have become platforms where it is necessary to be giving the keys to new developers to identify the fundamental premises of the best employment portal in this transit from social to semantics and ubiquity. But the network is dynamic, that is a premise that we cannot forget What are the characteristics that currently define the best job portal on the web? A reflection that takes us immediately to the current reality, employment moves towards independence, we are rapidly approaching the beginning of the labor market maturation period, where segmentation is consolidated as a concept closely linked to efficiency and is immediately associated with business success in all sectors. If we return to Infojobs we will realize that The commitment to segmentation is not a minor issue, job portals are currently considering their business strategy through segmentation.

The new bets, segmentation and social networks

Just a couple of weeks ago Ticjob was born a portal destined to be a meeting point for professionals in the ICT sector for the Spanish market. Its search engine establishes three specific areas Applications, systems and development, facilitating the access of companies and service providers. In the development of the portal, aspects related to both the excessive supply and the battle for talent that have been taken into account have been taken into account. settle online, which resulted in a more efficient process in which the needs of the different markets find an immediate response.

But in addition to segmentation there is an essential aspect to consolidate itself as the best job portal on the Internet, where all brands and candidates are 2.0 users, all partners and companies that actively participate in ticjob. They have personal profiles on social networks that are very well consolidated and frequently publish their needs and employment.

We are therefore facing a scenario in which it is reputation and online presence that makes an employment process optimal.The precepts on which success in online business is currently governed: – Good consolidation of the brand – Reputation associate– Quality– Efficient online marketing– Active presence and commitment in social networks– Segmentation– Active listening Among others, they are the same as those that an efficient employment portal must have.


In conclusion, we can establish that the rise of entrepreneurship as a way of life has led to a more social labor market where the main idea of ​​the business model lies in the efficient approach of brands and professionals, managing to increase the quality of the network. Segmentation and consolidated social media presence are fundamental requirements of job portals on the Internet, social portals and social brands, the only formula to achieve more and more quality, more and more knowledge, more and more opportunities.Image: