sellonething, a quick solution to sell a product online

If you have a product that you want to sell online, and a virtual store is too big for that goal, take a look at

It is a solution that allows you to create a page that shows the product, the price and the form of payment, all after filling in a form with few fields.

Regarding the form of payment: it integrates with, making it compatible with practically any credit card on the market.

Although the application is free (we can create several product pages without paying anything), it is important to remember that stripe does charge a commission for each payment made with its system, so it is better to do accounts before setting the price of the product.

In medium they have created an article explaining its operation (which does not have many secrets), and in producthunt they discuss the product showing an example in which what you see in the capture is sold:

Unfortunately Stripe is not yet available in all countries (you can see it on its main page), although they promise that they will expand their borders soon.

It is not the first time that we see a service of this type in WWWhatsnew, but those that we have already presented in the past ceased to exist. Is there a lack of interest in this category? Is there a marketing problem?