Sendoid - Share large files without email or servers

Sendoid – Share large files without email or servers

Precisely today, that we have published a small article in wikisaber where I comment on some options that we can use to avoid sending large files by email, I discover another new option that does not need any central server: Sendoid. We can, without registration, select any file on our computer and obtain a url to share it with our contacts. By accessing this created address, it is possible to obtain the material without waiting for it to upload to any server, since it uses P2P technology to connect the two computers: source and destination (it is necessary to keep the file’s submission page open so that it is not interrupted connection). Sendoid also offers a program that we can install to speed up the transfer of files, although the web solution is sufficient for most of the needs that appear in our day to day: Send huge files without using email. Remember that not long ago I introduced you to iSendr and Pando, two solutions similar to Sendoid. Update: iSendr now direct to Sendoid… it seems that we are talking about the same service. Link: Sendoid | Via techcrunch