Servilite - Purchase or sale of services at low cost

Servilite – Purchase or sale of services at low cost

ServiLite is a small web service that allows us to buy or sell services at a low price. This price is already set, so there is no option to change it, prices range from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 20.

All payments can be collected or paid through the online bank PayPal. We can send service proposals in the different categories that they offer us, such as: marketing, computing, web, multimedia, among others.

The services that we can find are the most diverse, including sending a beautiful postcard from Valencia, getting friends for facebook or finding 5 domains for our web project. There are also categories for services related to travel, technology, marketing, languages ‚Äč‚Äčor multimedia.

A fairly simple service that allows more than one to use these services at low cost to perform tasks without having to pay a salary.

The current market situation makes Servilite a very useful platform as buyers are looking for low prices and sellers can be anyone looking to earn income. In addition, Servilite allows you to find innovative and curious services. Everyone knows how to do something interesting and Servilite is the platform to sell it in the best way.

A good idea that we hope will be successful.