Seshamo - Generate content and receive money

Seshamo – Generate content and receive money

Seshamo is a peculiar website that allows us to generate profits through writing content on a subject in question that, of course, we want.

That is, through Adsense advertisements in our articles, we will receive 70% of profits from those advertisements, 30% is left by Seshamo to manage servers, make web dissemination, pay the bills, etc.

In seshamo there are already more than 22,000 users enjoying the service and generating monthly profits. To use it, we only have to register on the site, for this we will only have to enter the username, password, email and date of birth (you must be over 15 years old).

Once connected to the site, we can start writing by just clicking on the tab Writes which is located at the top left of the website. Said writing section incorporates several text boxes such as: The title, keywords, categories, and the content.

On the other hand, Seshamo users may write comments and / or opinions about the content through the user’s profile wall, which we can access through the avatar and link of the content’s username.

Once we make a profit, we can send the money to a bank account or by check. For an article to be published, we must wait for the site administrators to verify the content and accept it or not.

To find out if a content has been accepted, we can enter the Articles section where we will see everything we have written and its corresponding status.

In short, it is a good web service to earn money generating content to our liking.

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