Shapr, to expand reliable professional contact networks

With the aim of daily expanding its own network of professional contacts regardless of the possible search for new jobs or new clients, attending to the creation of reliable professional contacts, Shapr is a mobile platform that allows users to receive from 5 to 10 daily suggestions of professional contacts in a personalized way for their selection anonymously, where in the event that there are coincidences between both, between the users and the suggested contacts, the platform itself will put them in contact so that they can hold a meeting face-to-face where it is possible for them to get to know each other better.

To do this, the platform itself urges users to initially select up to a maximum of 50 trusted people from among their professional contacts so that the algorithm analyzes their respective social connections in order to select those to whom they can suggest daily, taking into account He says that over time he will improve personalized suggestions so that they may turn out to be more relevant to the professional interests pursued by each one.

With this, Shapr make it easier for users to expand their professional contact networks, but not with anyone, but with contacts that may be relevant. The mobile versions of Shapr are available for free for Android and iOS in their respective app markets for free.