showgoers, to sync Netflix movie playback with friends

The old idea of ​​installing extensions in the browser to be able to watch movies with friends at the same time now comes to Netflix.

We are talking about, a Chrome plugin that offers the possibility of playing the same video, at the same time, with people who are on another computer, regardless of whether it is in the same room or on the other side of the world.

The operation is simple: once the extension is installed, we will see some glasses in the upper right part of the netflix movie that we want to see, as the following screenshot shows:

By clicking on these glasses we will get a url that we will have to send to our friend. When the recipient receives the url and clicks it, the synchronization will start: the movie will play at the same time, if one pauses, the other will also stop, if one advances a few minutes, the same will happen in the other …

It is important to indicate that both the source and the destination must have the same plugin installed, otherwise the desired synchronization will not be performed.

Ideal for those who want to watch a movie together commenting on what's going on mobile, for example, or for those who want to show moments from a documentary making sure that the recipient is watching the exact same scenes.