SimilarWeb acquires Swayy to improve the quality of its products

With about two years of activity offering its content discovery and selection service for those companies that lack personnel that attend their social media, using its technology for understanding and recommending content for publication on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn Based on the community they have, Swayy announces on his blog that it has been acquired by SimilarWeb, a platform specialized in analyzing traffic for web and mobile applications. As a consequence, its service will close its doors on July 24.

Under the acquisition of Swayy, the idea of ​​SimilarWeb is mainly to count on the potential of the team, or in other words, the acquisition of talent, together with the experience they currently have, including above all those of Four founders of Swayy, Ohad Frankfurt, Oz Katz, Shlomi Babluki, and Lior Degani, who serve to improve the quality of SimilarWeb's recognition technology to make it more accurate using the best in content recognition algorithm. It should be noted that the Swayy team had already developed their own natural language processing and customization engine.

Swayy thus marks the end of his chapter as a service and the beginning of a new chapter within SimilarWeb, where they will focus on the analysis of data and the development of significant products that users will want and use globally, according to their blog.