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Simpdf, to edit PDF documents easily

When it comes to PDF documents, it is likely that we feel the need to make some changes in their structure without this or its format being lost in the process.

What if we told you that you can do this quickly, for free and without having to resort to installing programs on your computer?

How? Through Simpdf, a simple web tool in charge of processing the content of a PDF document and then editing it with the help of the functions it offers, all this from the browser tab, something similar to what IlovePDF does.

In terms of minimalism, Simpdf constitutes an editor with few but effective options, which you can use after you upload the PDF document you want to edit and wait for it to be processed by the tool and then modify those sections of your interest.

After making the changes to the PDF document, the next thing we will do is save and download a new version of it, by clicking on the option located on the left side of the screen.

It should be noted that with Simpdf we will have the opportunity to modify all the elements present in our PDF document once it is processed.

However, this program can be problematic to use in situations where the text is very small, although this can be solved simply by highlighting the text with the mouse pointer.

Finally, the Simpdf developers expressed that they plan to add new functions to this tool in the future: one that allows the dragging of elements within the document that we are going to edit and another that allows the uploading of images.